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The Story of That Day

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning in March. Most people were just getting their day started. Shortly after 9:00am we were dispatched to a single family dwelling that was on fire. We were advised that there was no one in the residence. Our first unit arrived on scene within minutes. He was told by bystanders, they didn't think anyone was home. There were no cars in the drive and no real signs that anyone was home. When the first in truck arrived, firefighters suited up with breathing apparatus and began to make entry. Within a minute of entry the nightmare began.

  Details of the whole event are way to hard to put on here. After firefighters were done, they had brought out five children (3 yrs & under), one adult male and one adult female that was pregnant. None of which had survived the fire.

  During the process of rescue and fighting the fire, it was clear that our firefighters were letting the days events take a toll on them. Frustration and anxiety were replaced by wanting to be with our own families. Not wanting to stay at the scene in this nightmare was overruled by not wanting to leave incase we could help the family in any way. Friends and neighbors poured in from all around the community. About two hours after the nightmare started, about 200 people filled the valley where we were.

  We left the scene at a little after 3:00pm and returned to the station. Most of us sit around the station just talking about what had happened. We were all just trying to come to grips with such a horrible day.

We were joined that day by several agencies from the area. We would like to thank them for being with us that day.

Knox County Emergency Management
Knox County EMS
State Fire Marshals Office
Kentucky State Police
Knox County Sheriff


  We are often ask "how do you continue to do this after such a day?" The first answer is that we believe in God. Things happen as they are suppose too and we won't always understand why. Secondly, accidents, fires, injuries and death will continue. If we quite and no one helps, they will always turn out bad. By helping, a lot of the times, things turn out good. If you're looking for a high that tops all others and last for years to come. Just help someone!

  We don't consider ourselves heroes. We don't think we are special. We do sometimes think we are crazy, as others have told us. We are just led to help people. Just as the Bible says, you should help your neighbor. Our neighborhood just doesn't have a boundary.


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